Protecting Your Windshield from Cracks

Protecting your car windshield may seem impossible; you can never predict when something will hit your windshield and crack it. However, there are a few things that you can do to take care of your windshield, in order to minimize the potential for a large windshield crack.  Apply a Windshield Protection Film Some technicians will offer to install a windshield protector on your car. This is a thin, invisible layer of film that is adhered to the outside of the windshield.

Fixing Small Car Dings With Auto Body Filler

Auto body filler is not too hard to work with if you have a little bit of instruction. Many homeowners and DIYers feel completely comfortable when it comes to fixing wood or drywall dings, but they don't try to fix similar dings in their automobiles. In fact, the skills and materials needed for all of these repairs are quite similar. This article will explain how you can fix basic auto body scratches, dents and dings.