Protecting Your Windshield from Cracks

Protecting your car windshield may seem impossible; you can never predict when something will hit your windshield and crack it. However, there are a few things that you can do to take care of your windshield, in order to minimize the potential for a large windshield crack. 

Apply a Windshield Protection Film

Some technicians will offer to install a windshield protector on your car. This is a thin, invisible layer of film that is adhered to the outside of the windshield. It acts as an initial barrier in case something hits your windshield. There are some over the counter and online options for buying a windshield protection film, but it's a better idea to contact a professional to get this service. If you adhere the glue incorrectly to your windshield, you might actually damage or crack the windshield. 

Weather-Related Windshield Cracks

You may not be able to completely protect your windshield from flying debris, but you can take steps to prevent your windshield from cracking in cold weather. Even if you don't have a garage to protect your car from ice and snow, you can purchase a car cover that shields your car from the elements when you're not driving it. In order to avoid cracks due to temperature change, never pour warm or hot water on your car glass in order to defrost it. 

How to Deal with Cracks

When you get a crack in your windshield, it will often start as a small ding that widens over time. It's important to take immediate action in order to keep the crack from spreading. 

Some people try to dull the edges of the crack by lightly smoothing it out with a razor blade. This will protect your windshield wipers from getting nicked by the crack and possibly causing the crack to widen. You can also apply a layer of clear scotch tape over the crack to prevent the edges from widening. However, neither of these is a permanent solution for fixing the windshield. A crack places uneven stress on your window, which can cause the glass to crack even further.

As soon as you can, take the windshield into a repair technician like Boyd Autobody & Glass for a comprehensive fix. A windshield repair will either involve sealing the crack with an invisible adhesive, or potentially replacing the glass if the crack is very big. By dealing with a crack soon after it happens, you can protect your windshield from even more damage.