Fixing Small Car Dings With Auto Body Filler

Auto body filler is not too hard to work with if you have a little bit of instruction. Many homeowners and DIYers feel completely comfortable when it comes to fixing wood or drywall dings, but they don't try to fix similar dings in their automobiles. In fact, the skills and materials needed for all of these repairs are quite similar. This article will explain how you can fix basic auto body scratches, dents and dings.

Using the Auto Body Filler

Auto body filler comes in the form of a putty. The putty also comes with hardening agent that you mix in just before applying it. Because of this, auto body filler dries a little faster than wood putty or drywall paste. It will usually dry to the point that it becomes chunky within 15 minutes. The drying time also depends on how much hardener you apply to the putty. It is always a good idea to practice applying the filler (with the hardener) on a spare object. It does not necessarily need to be a piece of metal. The idea is to get used to the consistency, application and drying time of the auto body filler. Once you are comfortable and familiar with your product, you can apply it to your car.

Applying the Auto Body Filler

The key to applying auto body filler is to use a plastic putty knife. Also, make sure you always have a handful of spare paper towels or rags. Wipe the putty knife clean between applications so the surface is smoother. You do not need to spread the putty so it dries perfectly smooth and flat because you will be sanding it later.

Allow the filler to dry for several hours before you sand it. Of course, you do not want to use typical sandpaper for sanding automobiles. You need to get extremely high grit sandpaper, from 1000 to 2000. Use the rougher sandpaper on the first coat, then step up to the 2000 grit paper. To get a smooth, glossy finish, you will need to use a wet sanding technique after you paint over the filler. Wet sanding is exactly like normal standing, but you lubricate the paper with water so it does not scratch the paint.

If you have small chips or dents in your car body, do not be afraid to do some auto body repairs on your own. With the right tools and supplies, you can easily make these simple repairs.