Modern Remote Starter Systems Make Driving More Comfortable and Convenient

While remote starters have been around for decades, advances in technology along with smartphone integration have made remote starters more useful than ever before. Not only can they start your car (along with its heating or air conditioning system) remotely, but modern remote starters can track your car with an onboard GPS locator and are fully integrated into your car's electronics, allowing you to control features like seat heaters from your smartphone. Here's why a remote starter makes driving more convenient.

Why Is a Remote Starter Useful?

It's true that the primary reason why car owners purchase remote starters is to warm up their cars during cold mornings. You don't have to suffer through cold seats and a freezing interior on your commute to work — starting your car remotely gives the heater enough time to warm the interior of your vehicle before you enter your car. Some remote starters also allow you to turn on the front and rear window defrosters, making it much easier to scrape ice off of your windows before you drive to work. You can start your car while you're eating breakfast and allow it to warm up and defrost, saving you time in the morning.

Modern remote starters offer additional features that go far beyond simply warming your car in the mornings. Remote starters can integrate with your smartphone, allowing you to use your smartphone to start your car, unlock your doors, and control your window defrosters and seat heaters. These units often interface with a GPS locator installed on your vehicle, which allows you to use your smartphone to track your car. This is a handy feature to have if you let someone borrow your car or if your car is stolen, since it lets you know exactly where your car is located at all times.

What Optional Features Should You Look for in a Remote Starter?

When selecting a remote starter for your car, look for a unit that has a high transmission range. All remote starters have a maximum transmission range in the product description. However, this range refers to the range of the unit in a completely open air environment with no interference. It may seem strange to purchase a remote starter that can start your car from thousands of feet away if you're primarily using it to start your car from inside your home in the morning. However, walls severely impact the effective range of your remote starter. If you're inside an office building or a grocery store and wish to remotely start your car, you'll be glad that you chose a unit with a transmission power strong enough to penetrate thick concrete walls.

Additionally, there are two safety features that are essential in a remote starter. The first is an emergency shutoff when the hood of your car is open. This prevents you from accidentally starting the engine when someone is working under the hood of your vehicle, which is extremely dangerous and can cause severe injury. The second feature is an RPM sensor. Since you're not sitting in your car when you start it remotely, you have no way of knowing your engine speed. A mechanical problems can cause the engine speed to climb too high, causing damage to the engine. A remote starter with an RPM sensor will automatically turn off the engine before it causes damage, protecting your vehicle.

Remote starters save time in the morning and make driving more convenient. When you purchase a remote starter, you'll need to have it installed by a professional — any remote starter with advanced features requires soldering and rewiring several electrical components in your car. Improper installation damages your vehicle's wiring and electronics. To avoid expensive repair bills, leave installation to the pros.