4 Safety Tips For Sandblasting The Paint On Your Vehicle

If you want to paint your vehicle on your own, you are most likely going to need to sandblast away the paint that is already on your vehicle. If this is your first time sandblasting your vehicle, here are some safety tips that you need to make sure that you follow to keep yourself safe during this process.

#1 Cover All Your Skin

You are not going to want to have any exposed skin while sandblasting your vehicle. The particles will come off of your vehicle at a fast speed, and even tiny particles that fly off of your vehicle can damage your skin if they come in contact with it.

The best way to cover all of your skin is to purchase a pair of full-body coveralls. You can find these at your local paint or home improvement store. They will cover your legs, body area and arms without leaving any skin exposed at all. Some even have hats that come with them to cover your head.

#2 Use Heavy Gloves

Next, you are going to want to wear heavy gloves that will protect your hands while sandblasting. The best type of gloves to wear while sandblasting are heavy leather gloves. When you purchase leather gloves, purchase some that are really long and extend up your arms, hopefully up to about your elbow. That will help ensure that there is no skin gap between your top and your gloves.

#3 Protect Your Face

When sandblasting, just wearing goggles is generally not enough protection. You are going to want to purchase a full face mask that has a clear, pull down shield. This will protect your entire face from any particles that fly off when you are sandblasting. Goggles and a face mask will not provide you with enough protection and will leave too much skin exposed so you are going to want to cover up your full face if possible.

#4 Keep Pets Away

Next, you want to make sure that your pets are somewhere safe while you are sandblasting. They can easily be hurt by the blow-off from your sandblasting equipment. Make sure that they are inside, in your backyard or in their crate before you start this project. Make sure the rest of your family knows to not let your pets out while you are working.

Before you start sandblasting your vehicle on your own, make sure that you have the right protective equipment in order to stay safe during the process. If you don't feel comfortable sandblasting your own vehicle, contact a business such as Powder Coating Specialties.