Crash Course Cleanup: What To Do When Your Commercial Trucks Are A Mess

When commercial trucks crash into each other, the end result will always include scraped paint and may include dents. If a couple of your trucks have recently banged into each other because a couple of your drivers were not paying attention, you may have some messed up trucks on your hands. Thankfully, there are some solutions for this very problem.

A Little Commercial Fleet Repair

If your trucks got some dents, only a commercial fleet repair technician can take these dents out. The dents are in large trucks that are made of tougher, stronger stuff than the average passenger truck, so you need a skilled, highly knowledgeable commercial auto body technician. The tools used to remove dents from commercial fleet trucks are very different from those used in passenger vehicle shops, which is why you need to go to this type of specialist.

Paint Issues

Painting commercial trucks has two separate problems all their own. The first deals with trying to remove paint scrapes from another truck while restoring the paint to the first vehicle. The second issue that arises is the company information that is painted onto truck doors. If one of your trucks involved in the accident has both paint streaks and destroyed company information, you may not get that particular truck back for a few weeks. The whole door or side of the truck will have to be removed, sanded, scraped, buffed, repainted with the original truck color and then repainted with the company information. Hopefully you have enough trucks to handle daily operations for the time being.

Mirror and Glass Replacement

As long as the collision between your two fleet vehicles was not induced by high speed, the least glass damage you may have are shattered rear view mirrors. The most may be a shattered door window. Either way, the commercial fleet repair shop can quickly replace both types of glass as well as the frames and structures that hold these types of truck glass in place.

Bent Body Panels

Finally, if you have any bent body panels, these will have to be removed, hammered out and then resurfaced and repainted. Surprisingly, a bent body panel is often more work than a simple dent or paint job, and thus, more costly. Your truck with the bent body panel may be out of commission longer than the truck door or panel with streaked paint and destroyed company information.