Reasons To Take Your Car To A Repair Shop Even After A Minor Fender Bender

When you've been in a minor fender bender, you might be pleased to see that your car has little or no visible damage to it. This may compel you to continue to go about your day while trying your best to put the accident out of your mind. It's a good idea, however, to schedule a visit to your local auto collision repair shop even if you don't believe that your vehicle sustained major damage. Having a team of mechanics thoroughly look over your vehicle is a good idea for numerous reasons — and this visit may make you safer and help you to save money in the long run. Here are some reasons to visit the repair shop after a minor fender bender.

Scratched Paint Will Lead To Rust

If your vehicle's body has sustained a small scratch or dent, it might not seem like a big deal — especially if you have an older car. However, scratches and dents are a concern because they'll encourage the growth of rust over time. Eventually, what began as a small scratch or dent could turn into a giant rust patch that requires you to replace the vehicle's affected panel. When you act promptly, technicians at the repair shop can seal and paint a scratch or fill a dent and paint any needed areas around it so that rust won't be an issue.

The Frame Could Be Bent

It doesn't necessarily take a high-speed accident to bend the frame of your vehicle. Even in a minor fender bender, if the other vehicle has hit you just right, your frame could be bent. This could lead to a host of problems. For example, a bent frame may affect the front or back end of your vehicle, resulting in poor alignment. When your alignment is off, you can wear out your tires quicker. The repair shop technicians will be able to check if your frame is bent and, if so, straighten it for you.

Sensors Could Be Affected

If your vehicle has collision-detection sensors in the rear bumper that sound an alert when you back up close to an object, it's possible that these sensors could be damaged in the minor fender bender without your knowledge. This could increase the risk of you backing up and hitting something in the future, which could cause more substantial damage to your vehicle, as well as even jostle your body and leave you with a whiplash injury. The technicians will test the function of each of the collision sensors and replace those that need it.