Three Ways To Protect Your Car After Collision Repair

If you were in a collision in which your car has been damaged, you likely filed a claim and had collision repair done to your vehicle. After having collision repair done, you want to be sure that you continue to protect those repairs so you won't have to pay out of pocket to have them fixed anytime in the near future. Here are three ways to protect your car after collision repairs have been done:

No Car Washes:

If you have to have your car painted in areas after having collision repair done, you will want to be sure that you don't get any car washes during the first month. This is because a car wash with soap and water can damage that paint by causing it to chip or even fade out a bit. If you feel the need to wash your car because it has become excessively dirty, only rinse with water that is not on high pressure and use no soap. Don't go through any drive through car washes, which could irritate the paint. 

Wax Your Vehicle:

After a couple of months, be sure that you wax your vehicle if you had it repainted in areas. This is going to add a protective coating the new paint and ensure that no dirt or other debris causes it to become worn and chipped. You should wax your vehicle every few weeks for the next couple of months after this and then you can have it waxed once or twice a year to continue to protect your car from damage by dirt and other debris. 

Park in the Garage:

If you didn't before, park your car inside of the garage for the first couple months. New paint on a vehicle is highly susceptible to damage from abrasive dirt. If you aren't able to park in a garage, cover your vehicle instead. After the first couple months and after you have had the vehicle waxed for the first time since having collision repairs done, then you can start parking it outside with no worries about keeping it covered. 

By keeping these tips in mind, you might be able to avoid damaging your auto collision repairs. Touch ups could potentially cost you a hefty amount out of pocket since your auto insurance will no longer provide coverage once the claim has been settled and repairs have been done. Contact a business, such as Absolute Collision Center Inc autobody repair, for more information.