Thinking Of Buying A Damaged RV? What To Know

If you are looking at an RV that has some minor body damage, but the seller is listing the RV for a very low and affordable price, there are some things you can do to see if the vehicle is a smart investment. The seller may not want to deal with fixing the RV, or may want to move on to a newer or bigger model. Here are some of the things that you want to do before you purchase the RV, and before you start investing your own money into it.

See a Mechanical Specialist

An RV collision repair mechanic that is trained to specifically work on RV's is the only person you want to look at the RV to determine if it's worth the cost to buy. Have them tell you what regular things it needs to have replaced, like brakes and tired, and then what additional things need to be repaired that are damaged. You have to consider all of the costs for the labor and parts, before you determine if it' worth the money

Find an RV Body Repair Company

The cost to fix the body of the vehicle will be determined by how difficult it is to get replacement body parts, if parts have to be custom fabricated, and how detailed the unit is. You will want to find a body shop that is used to working on such large vehicles, and that can help to restore the RV to its original condition.

Determine the Value of the RV

You need to determine what the value of the RV would be after you fixed, to see if putting the money into will make the unit a smart purchase. If you have to invest more money into the machine than you could sell it for, and if you don't want to spend more than it's worth, then purchasing this wouldn't be the best decision.

There are a lot of things that will factor into the decision to purchase the unit or not, but if you can get it fixed and make the vehicle a great asset, and if you think you will use the RV enough to make the purchase, then talk with a loan officer or buy the unit for cash. An RV can be a great investment if you fix it up, take care of it, and update it when needed if you have to sell down the road.